Monday, November 24, 2008

Work Hours

Every couple of months my team at work goes through a change in schedules. Well we just went through another one and my shift got changed for the worse. My new schedule is now Sat - Mon
7:00pm - 9:00am. I don't mind so much the option of working three days a week. But when I am already struggling to make it to a 9am church time on a day I don't even work, getting off at the same time our main meeting starts is going to be really tough. As people keep telling me the bright side of this is that in January my church schedule will switch to 1pm. My problem with that is it will not be right in the middle of when I should be asleep so as not to be a zombie at work.

I was also upset that I was going to have a possible conflict with taking my fiancee to our group holiday party. The party was scheduled for Saturday the 13th of December. The Week after I start my new Saturday night schedule. Well I felt a little vindicated this past week when our CVP for our group announced that the party was canceled for this year... Well if I can't go... I guess no one can go... I know it is sorta lame to think that way...

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