Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prep Time

Today my fiancee came up to my place and we made apple crisp and an apple crumb pie for our Thanksgiving party up at my brothers place.

We are now 75% sure we want to get married on December 31st. The next hurtle is, where will it happen. Mary wants to have it at the top of a mountain. Well we are not at a shortage of mountains around here. I have a natural skeptical streak in me. An issue i see is the mountains by me all require a Snow-park parking permit just to park there for a little while. These cost about $10 per day per car. I do not really feel comfortable with asking the attendees to pay that, and I am not really sure we can afford it. This is Washington, there is NO WAY to guarantee what the weather will be like. So the question still remains, where to have it.

My brother suggested to use a mountain up by his place, he also has one of those self standing 10'x10' tent thing.. they type you see at the street fairs.

This Friday we will take a look at this place. Looking at the place on a map it may work out well.... it has a road to the top. :D

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