Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog update and redirection

It has been a while. I have a few quick updates.
  • I ended up not getting married on December 31st. We moved it up to the Saturday before and were married on December 27th.
  • We recently made the plunge into home ownership with a all the low rates and being a buyers market. We purchased a 40 year old rambler that needs some loving care, not quite to the point were it needs TLC.
  • Our new house has a detached garage / shop. This is not a typical garage, it is a steel building designed to house a large RV, big enough to house two in fact.
  • This garage has become my work shop for doing wood working.

That being said I will be turning the focus of this blog to talking about my woodworking projects. This will not be a daily blog as woodworking is only a hobby and I have a limited budget for tools, wood, and supplies. I do have some lofty goals for my woodworking such as side boards, beds, dressers ect. To start off I will only be working on skill building projects such as small boxes and shop tools and jigs.

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